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Great stories to tell,
but no time to write them?

We can help you generate press releases, feature articles, blogs, website content and much more, and ultimately raise your profile in the building sector and beyond.

PR & Copywriting Services for Architects

Helping your business

“Profile raising”, “increasingly visibility”, “brand awareness” – it many be described in many ways, but ultimately “PR” is about improving the presence of your company in the places where your customers and stakeholders are likely to be, and engaging with them.

If you are active with a PR programme, or do the occasional press release, article or event, you’ll be familiar with how it works – and, when done well, the benefits these activities bring.

We can help your business by combining our skills and knowledge, developed over the last two decades in the PR industry, with dedication to just getting things done. So, if you are stretched for resources, that’s where we can step in as an extension to your team. That applies to any area of marketing communications, whether you need some help with the design, build and content for your website, brochure copywriting and development, a blogging programme or much more.

Helping you shape the news

There’s never a time when your business has nothing to say. It just requires a bit of creative thinking and an understanding of what publishers and readers are looking for. Here are four of many examples of stories that work really well, both in the local/regional news media as well as in the trade media:

  • New contract wins – the obvious one that springs to mind for architects, but these stories can be really effective and generate plenty of coverage. Here’s an example from the Nottingham Post.
  • New member of the team – tell the story of new personnel, regardless of their seniority, highlighting what’s interesting about their career, achievements or personal life (if that’s special). Here’s an example from the Express & Star.
  • Go beyond the ‘average’ – find something to say that positions you or one of your clients as the first, newest, oldest, biggest, smallest, greenest, etc. Here’s an example for the Newcastle Chronicle.
  • Milestones or marking the passage of time – perhaps you have been in business for 25 years, or now worked on 10,000 projects? There are always ways to quantify you’re the achievements of your business in numbers – and we humans can easily digest and understand. Here’s an example from the Yorkshire Post.

Part of our service to clients is discussing, in depth, what’s happening in their business to identify stories.

If you would like to discuss what’s happening in your business with a view to figuring out which stories you might have available to tell, please just call us on 07729 539047 or email us.

Feature articles and blogging

We will help you become thought leaders through viewpoint and issue based articles, developed so you can go deeper into a particular issue that resonates with your clients and potential clients. We are experienced in writing technical and compelling corporate articles which serve as articles for printed media – especially B2B trade media – or website blogs.

Content generation – online and offline

Another key area of our work is content for websites, brochures, leaflets, email marketing, advertising and much more. We will help you shape your messages and ensure the tone of all your written content is consistent with where you want to be, and in line with your brand’s personality!

Find out more

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