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Can’t do PR, we’ve just got nothing to say!

Can’t do PR, we’ve just got nothing to say!

When you put your heart and soul into your job and your business, and your focus is on delivering the best results for your customers and colleagues, it is easy to overlook how interesting and newsworthy what you do is to the outside world.

We’ve worked with clients who, at the outset, love the idea of a PR programme but feel that their organisation just doesn’t have the ‘big’ news every month that others do. Clearly, if you are a global brand with multiple operations, thousands of employees and countless product lines, you are blessed with the problem of having too much to say – so you have to be selective about which developments make the final cut as part of the PR activity.

However, EVERY organisation has a story to tell! Often all that’s needed is a bit of time to think and talk to someone outside your organisation, with fresh eyes looking in, to bring your stories to the fore. That’s where an external PR consultant adds value. We can see the wood for the trees because we have the benefit of being more detached from the everyday world you occupy – and we are skilled in knowing what makes a story.

But whether you use an external PR consultant or not, you can start to shape up your own PR programme easily with these ten PR story ideas:

1. Mark the passage of time

Anniversaries show achievement, so being in business for 10 or 20 years, for example, can make for good media coverage, especially if tied in with celebratory events.

2. Be the first, newest, oldest, biggest, smallest, etc.

Stand out from the average stories with an angle that others can’t claim.

3. Win an award

Entering an award generates great PR coverage. There are plenty of trade, local, regional or national awards out there to enter, so get form filling providing you've got what it takes to win, of course.

4. Introduce something new or improved

As long as you have differentiators, tell the world why it's better and focus on key benefits or problems it solves.

5. Announce a new member of your team

Whilst it doesn't have to be anyone senior, the more senior the better. What will they bring to your organisation and your customers? Remember to flag up noteworthy aspects of their career.

6. Attract a new major client – the bigger the better

Don't shy away from boasting about client wins but remember to get their approval at an early stage, with a quote from them if possible. News of big contracts can help to attract others.

7. React to a current event

Keep an eye on the news and give your opinion on something happening nationally or locally that's relevant to you and your business. Spotting a trend and commenting on it will help position you as an authority.

8. Provide good comment

Journalists love experts! If you have a wealth of experience in your industry behind you, why not offer your views to appropriate journalists? Be available to comment when journalists need good quotes.

9. Survey your customers

Find out what they think about specific issues. Ask enough people about an interesting enough topic and you’ll generate new and original content. Polls are always popular with journalists and their readers.

10. Help a charity

Cash donations or practical hands-on support are great to publicise, demonstrating your organisation’s social and community ethos, but they also keep charities in the spotlight (which they need!).

This is just the start though… If you would like to discuss any PR story ideas – even if you are simply in need of a sounding board – please feel free to give us a call or contact us.