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14 ways that PR can help your business

14 ways that PR can help your business

PR may not always have the most credible reputation for results, but it is an extremely powerful tool which can help businesses and organisations thrive and succeed. Here are 14 ways that PR can be helpful to a business – there are many other ways, of course, depending on your goals, but these are some of the most practical.

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1. Leads

Not this type, but sales leads. Simply put, you have to tell people about your products or services somewhere, somehow. PR can be more effective at generating leads than display ads when it’s done in the right way.

2. Brand-building

No not LEO, but SEO... inbound links to your website are dynamite when it comes to search engine optimisation (getting your page ranked higher in Google search results). Securing coverage on news publisher websites will often provide highly valuable links.

3. SEO

Regular news and information about your business provides a drip, drip effect that gradually builds a picture of what you stand for, and the kind of people you are.

4. Recruitment

Future employees will be more likely to apply to work for you if they see a positive picture of your business in the media and online. So good PR will make it easier for your business to attract the right candidates.

5. Supplier relationships

Having a positive presence could open up new relationships with suppliers. That could deliver huge benefits and give a confidence boost to your existing supply chain partners.

6. Convey your team’s (and brand’s) personality

Let your customers see and get to know the people behind your business and really understand your company ethos.

7. Customer loyalty

Existing customers have bought into your brand already in some form, but through PR you can engage them much further and give them fewer reasons to go to work with your competitors. You don’t really need a card, just good PR.

8. Content for social media

You’ll already know that you have to post or share interesting content, so what better way to generate engagement-boosting material than with your PR output?

9. Define what you stand for

When you’re planning your PR campaign - what you are going to say, why, when, how and to whom – it’s a chance to really focus the minds. It is a fantastic way to take a step back and really think about things, and remind yourself what’s in your firm’s DNA...

10. Highlight your technical expertise

In-depth articles, whitepapers, infographics and other communication channels allow you to explain exactly how much your team knows – this can be a really important differentiator!

11. Create a market

You might have a product or service that stands out as a perfect solution to a market issue, but the market just don’t know it needs it yet! Use PR to talk widely about the issue and then provide your solution – the market will open up if done correctly.

12. Attract investment

If you are looking to grow and invest, having a positive profile will provide confidence to financial backers and add to your company’s credibility.

13. Staff morale

Employees and directors will often see their business in the media, and this can be a powerful morale booster, adding to productivity and creating a feel-good factor.

14. Hold all the aces in your market

It’s a good feeling knowing that your competitors will be looking at your good news coverage with envy. You’ll have the strongest hand and be one step ahead – and you can capitalise while they take time to raise their game!

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